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Critical Appraisal Day 2 by Katie Nicholas

The second day of Critical Appraisal focussed on understanding bias in research using Randomised Control Trials as an example. Unlike the first session, where a paper was selected and a tool used (e.g. CASP) to critically appraise it, this session … Continue reading

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Critical Appraisal Day 1 by Katie Nicholas

Critical Appraisal Day 1 – Liverpool, Holiday Inn -7 hours This was the first of three sessions on Critical Appraisal. The aims of the first day were: To understand what we mean by ‘critical appraisal’ – concepts and definitions To identify … Continue reading

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A note on Open Athens Statistics by Matt Holland

This year, 2014/15 the Open Athens statistics for health care libraries in the North West have been calculated differently.  There are three measures: total number of accesses per Library & Information/Knowledge Service; a percentage of the total number of Open … Continue reading

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Surveys and other abuses … by Matt Holland

Do surveys ever tell you anything? Perhaps we could do a survey and not find out. This is a blast against the “Library Survey”. What’s the problem? Well there are many. Here are the first twenty. Sorry, I have edited … Continue reading

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Resources and tools for Critical Appraisal by Michelle Maden

People often ask me where they can find useful tools and resources for critical appraisal. The majority of the resources are on the CATNiP wiki but below is a selection of the ones I have found I cannot do without! … Continue reading

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Introduction to Critical Appraisal by Michelle Maden

What is Critical Appraisal? Critical Appraisal is an assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of research methodology. It aims to examine bias and assess both internal validity and external validity Bias – Systematic error in individual studies that can lead … Continue reading

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Case Study – Establishing a new Clinical Information Service by Michelle Maden

What did you do? Establish a new Clinical Information Service across 2 acute Trusts and 1 PCT (now defunct) What worked? The literature search service is the most widely used part of the service. Users can email their enquiries, fill … Continue reading

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