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The benefits of LIHNN by Jo Whitcombe

As LIHNN members we have a pretty good understanding of what LIHNN brings to the region, but what about those around us who don’t necessarily work within the LKS sector but have management interests? How do we convince them that … Continue reading

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Reflections on a Conference – HLG 2016 by LIHNN Members

Katie Nicholas – Health Education England, working across the North West: HLG 2016 was my first HLG conference and my first time presenting at a conference and I loved it! I saw the whole conference process from submitting a proposal, being … Continue reading

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Case Study: Current Awareness: Prehospital Emergency Care Current Awareness Update by Matt Holland

Knowledge for Healthcare aka KfH, is, among other things, taking a fresh look at everyday library practices. Read the Knowledge for Healthcare blog for the full story. This Case Study reflects on the report of the Current Awareness Services Task … Continue reading

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It’s quality assurance Jim, and it’s pretty much as expected … by Matt Holland

No one likes doing quality assurance. It’s hard work. A distraction from the real business of delivering services to users. On the other hand everyone likes the feeling of achievement that comes from getting a good score. This personal reflection … Continue reading

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Introduction to Knowledge for healthcare: a development framework for NHS library and knowledge services in England 2015-2020* by Victoria Treadway

Source: Health Education England Link to main document A shorter briefing document is also available. Publication format: PDF Date of publication: January 2015 Summary of driver: Knowledge for healthcare lays out a framework upon which Health Education England (HEE) will build … Continue reading

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