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Knowledge Management Advent – Evaluation and Resolutions

As you will have hopefully seen we shared a Knowledge Management Advent through the blog in December last year. Below are some statistics and feedback and an outline of some next steps you might want to make. Why not make … Continue reading

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How good is your Twitter account? by Matt Holland

How is your Library Twitter account performing? How do you know if it’s doing well?   Questions that have bothered me for a while.  More now that I am putting an extra effort into upping the (re)Tweet.  I also notice that … Continue reading

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Developing a new topic area by Matt Holland

In New Universities in the early 90’s “cutting edge” degrees in “new subjects” were approved almost daily, or it felt that way. Subject Librarians did heroic research to compensate for the lack of published material, bringing together anything they could … Continue reading

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Five questions to ask of your management Current Awareness Service by Matt Holland

In any one person part-time library service spending any time on a regular Current Awareness Service is a commitment in time and energy.  You think a lot about what you do and occasionally come to some, hopefully, useful conclusions.  This … Continue reading

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Crowd sourcing the PEST Analysis by Matt Holland

January. LQAF 2015 is on the horizon. You will be planning revising the library strategy then? Yes? No? Oh well. In the spirit of sharing tasks that are common to us all, here is a first draft of PEST 2015. … Continue reading

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