Final Call for Papers – It’s Great Up North – Northern Healthcare LKS Conference 6th and 7th June 2019 Old Swan, Harrogate

You know when you’ve been meaning to get round to something and you finally do, and it feels great?   Well this is a day for that sort of thing.  I’ve submitted my expression of interest to do something at It’s Great Up North and I’ve started typing this.  It’ll be a great conference because it’s aimed at us all from para-professional to professional and if you not presented, run a workshop or done a poster at a conference what better place to start?  You’ll be amongst the Northern Networks finest at the conference, well with the exception of me and the least said about that the better.

Ingrid over at the Christie and myself are gearing up for wall to wall twitter coverage on @itsgreatupnorth with the hashtag #itsgreatupnth so feel free to follow the conference on twitter.

Anyway more importantly if you are interested in taking part in any of the sessions

Either a:

Parallel Session Presentation: Presentation can be on any Healthcare LKS topic and will be allocated 20 minutes (15 minutes presenting time and 5 minutes for questions) but we might be able to adjust – if you feel that you need longer, please specify in your proposal.
Examples of possible presentations could include an event you staged in your library, or a project you were involved in that went well (or not!)
Tip: Worried about going it alone? Co-present with a colleague!


Parallel Session Workshop: These are practical sessions and will be allocated 45 minutes. Make sure delegates can actively participate in your workshop. Examples: Have you been on a really interesting course recently? or acquired a new skill? This would be an ideal opportunity for colleagues to share knowledge or spark debate.
Tip: This could be a great practice run for something you want to take to other conference such as HLG, EAHIL, or LILAC.


Minutes of Mayhem: A fun succession of short presentations on any aspect of Healthcare LKS. Presenters will be allocated three minutes.
Tip: Nervous about presenting? These are only 3 minutes – the perfect change to give it a go!


Poster Presentation: Posters should be on healthcare topics and will be on display during the conference. Delegates will vote for their favourites in a secret ballot. There’s prizes up for grabs. Have a look at these examples for inspiration:



then please complete the application form at If you would like to deliver more than one session you will need to complete a form for each one.  Completed forms should be submitted by Friday 1st February 2019 at 5pm.

It’s super easy to do…. Even I managed it!

Kieran Lamb

Knowledge and Library Services Manager, Stockport NHS Foundation Trust

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