LIHNN Group Updates – June 2018

Cheshire and Merseyside Group

At the moment GDPR is at the forefront of all our minds, with some great shared experience and learning from colleague in the NHS, charities and higher education.

We have had a great presentation from Adrienne Mayers from the Liverpool Medical Institute about running exhibitions, which has inspired some of us to collaborate around NHS 70th and Health Information Week.

Last year week shared innovative ways of running inductions with quizzes, use of 360 cameras and how to best get in contact with our new starters.

Next up we are running a Teach Meet, with a focus on helping each other overcome our challenges.

Greater Manchester Group

ebooks collection goes from strength to strength with all Trusts based in Greater Manchester now having joined the consortium

  • won the delegates vote at the LIHNN study day
  • presentation at HLG by Mary Hill and Stephen Woods

Meeting with Philip Cooke from Manchester Libraries in January was very informative, especially around their access to library services during hospital stays and home delivery service.  Leaflets have gone out to a number of libraries to help promote the offers.


The Spring Issue of LIHNNK up has been published and all libraries should have received their copy.  A call for papers has been sent out for the summer edition: the deadline is the 8th June. We are in the process of trying to organise a WebEx meeting to discuss the future of the magazine, which is likely to take place in June. Under discussion will be plans to move to an online version.

Inter Lending and Document Supply Group

  • The group met in February 2018 to review and update the PANDDA ILDS protocol
  • The updated protocol is now available from the LIHNN website
  • Following a consultation with library managers across the North the group approved the proposal to join the national rota (INC) for document supply but not Inter-Lending
  • The Inter Network Collaboration (INC) rota went live on 1 MAY 2018
  • The Northern Care Alliance will take over the editorial work for the PANDDA union List database in June 2018
  • Sue Steele will become the new group chair and represent the North on the national Strategic Inter Network Collaboration (SINC) group

Mental Health Librarians

  • We have purchased a collection of CBT ebooks to support training delivered to all our staff across the Northwest
  • We are exploring sharing a catalogue of staff papers so that we can learn from Trusts across the NW region and connect people to people more effectively
  • Looking into a joint purchase of Read App as a way of making journal articles from our collections more accessible and targeted


LIHNN Clinical Librarians and Trainers

  • Thanks to Paul Tickner and Emma Child for completion of their two-years in the role of co-chair. Welcome to Rebecca Roylance and John Gale as new co-chairs.
  • Our recent meetings have included:
    • Four sessions on critical appraisal delivered by John Addison
    • Knowledge management and Knowledge Café presented by Katie Nicholas.
    • Yvonne Stubbington session on presenting at conferences.
    • An update on technology developments and social media engagement at Cochrane.
    • A presentation from Dr Hazel Rodham on facilitating online critical appraisal sessions for SLTs using Twitter.
  • We have used the KfH Training Needs Analysis report to identify topics for future meetings. Topics identified include Knowledge Management, Project Management, Training and Presentation Skills, social media marketing and synthesising and summarising.
  • As always thanks to all our hosts and presenters!


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