Knowledge Management Advent – Door 10: Retrospect #KMAdvent17

Time taken: 4 hours

What is a Retrospect?

A structured facilitated meeting at the end of a project or major project stage, to capture knowledge before the team disbands.1  Key questions might include:


1.What was the objective of the project?

2.What were the successes?

3.What were the disappointments?

4.Marks out of ten for the project as a whole?

How can LKS deliver a Retrospect and what are the benefits?

LKS can encourage teams to conduct a Retrospect at the end of a project and volunteer to facilitate the process. Retrospects help capture lessons learned, tie up loose ends and ensure the key knowledge from a project has been retained. This could be turned into a Knowledge Asset that the library could share with users.

Knowledge Management goals achieved:

  • Connecting people to best practice
  • Connecting people to the evidence base
  • Sharing learning

Find out more

1Retrospect postcard

MEOK cascade training – Retrospect webinar


Today is Christmas Jumper Day!

As we are now in December and the festive season fast approaches we would like to invite our LKS colleagues to participate in a Christmas Jumper competition. To enter please photograph members of your library team enrobed in festive splendour. These can tweeted to @HCLU2012 using #LKSJumpers or submitted via e-mail to if you don’t have a twitter account. The rules (developed in consultation with library managers)

  1. Smile – it’s nearly Christmas
  2. Pictures to be taken in the library or workplace not at home
  3. Team entries preferred but individual/multiple entries are acceptable for dispersed or small teams
  4. Team managers/leads should participate too!!!
  5. Judging is entirely at the discretion of HCLU and will take place on the 21 December 2017


Click here to view the Advent






Note on using the calendar:

The calendar is a PowerPoint slide deck. When you view the slideshow it becomes interactive. Click the door number once to reveal the cartoon behind, and then click the cartoon to reveal the tool. To go back to the calendar when you have opened a door click the image in the bottom right of the slide. You can view the doors in any order and view the next tool by clicking on anywhere in the slide.

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