Knowledge Management Advent – Door 8: After Action Review #KMAdvent17

Time taken: 15 minutes

What is an After Action Review?

A short structured meeting held immediately after a short term activity such as a task within a project.1 After the Review lessons learned can be captured and shared.


Questions you might ask include:

  • What was supposed to happen?
  • What actually happened?
  • Why was there a difference?
  • What can we learn from this?

How can LKS support After Action Reviews and what are the benefits?

LKS can take on a facilitative role in supporting After Action Reviews talking teams through the process and helping them engage with the questions. They can also help teams capture and share the knowledge appropriately. This way knowledge is stored and retained for future use and for the corporate memory of an organisation.

Knowledge Management goals achieved:

  • Sharing learning

Find out more

1 After Action Review postcard


Click here to view the Advent






Note on using the calendar:

The calendar is a PowerPoint slide deck. When you view the slideshow it becomes interactive. Click the door number once to reveal the cartoon behind, and then click the cartoon to reveal the tool. To go back to the calendar when you have opened a door click the image in the bottom right of the slide. You can view the doors in any order and view the next tool by clicking on anywhere in the slide.

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