Knowledge Management Advent – Door 1: Randomized Coffee Trials #KMAdvent17

Time taken: 15 minute conversation (a couple of weeks to organise)

What are RCTs?

With busy workloads and lives we talk to each other less. RCTs get staff in an organisation talking to each other. People are connected at random and given the time to meet (have a coffee if they want to) and have a chat about whatever they want.1 RCTs have been used by lots of organisations such as the Red Cross, Nesta and increasingly across the NHS. An administrator is required to organise the matching process but for participants the process is as simple as signing up and having a chat with the person they’ve been paired with.

How can LKS organise an RCT and what are the benefits of running an RCT?

RCTs help colleagues connect, learn from, and about, each other, and help break down silos. It’s free, easy and informal. From an organising perspective it is not too labour intensive but highly rewarding. Administrators need to collect the names of participants and oversee the matching – the rest is up to the participants. You may also want to share some ‘Talking points’ or signpost to guidance for any technology involved. RCTs only require participants to give up a small amount of their time and using technology can connect people in geographically dispersed organisations. Running an RCT will raise the profile of LKS within your organisation and ensure the library is associated with mobilising knowledge. You might want to pick a theme or time your trials with another event. We will be running RCTs at HEE in January with the tag line start the new year with a new conversation.

Knowledge Management goals achieved

  • Connecting people to people
  • Sharing Learning

Knowledge Management stories

Case Study – RCTs

Poster example

RCTs – Talking points document

Find out more

1David Gurteen – RCTs

Red Cross RCT video


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Note on using the calendar:

The calendar is a PowerPoint slide deck. When you view the slideshow it becomes interactive. Click the door number once to reveal the cartoon behind, and then click the cartoon to reveal the tool. To go back to the calendar when you have opened a door click the image in the bottom right of the slide. You can view the doors in any order and view the next tool by clicking on anywhere in the slide.

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2 Responses to Knowledge Management Advent – Door 1: Randomized Coffee Trials #KMAdvent17

  1. Hugh Hanchard says:

    Thanks for posting the Advent calendar Katie/Emily. They are a useful reminder/refresher with the occasional new gem thrown in!!

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