Let’s Talk R and D by Rosalind McNally

It is a real problem in the NHS for staff working through change to maintain good relationships with external stakeholders. Energy is drained by restructuring, which can be very unsettling.  I was really lucky to get a HCLU Bursary to go to the NHS R & D North-West Let’s Talk Research Conference on September 14th 2017 at the Royal Northern College of Music.

Prior to the event I revisited the Research Strategy of NHS England. As soon as I got the delegate list I identified a few people to find out what was important to them currently and what I could do to help.

Chatting to Gillian Southgate, Director of Collaboration and Communication, the Team at NHS R & D North West are looking to networks like NHS Library & Knowledge Services to inform next year’s event. This will take a different format. What would NHS Library and Knowledge Services staff like from this event to help us deliver the research and innovation bits of Knowledge for Healthcare in our area? Please send your thoughts on the event and contributions to the Researcher magazine for the next issue to Joanne Simpson at NHS R & D North West, Joanne.Simpson@researchnorthwest.nhs.uk

During a workshop I met staff I didn’t know from the Greater Manchester CLAHRC (Collaborations for Leadership in Applied Health Research and Care) who regularly collaborates with GMMH. After the event, I got in touch by email and we are keeping in touch through the Knowledge Service Twitter feed.

I also had time and space to meet up again with a colleague the Knowledge Service had provided information skills training for during their very successful NIHR Integrated Clinical Internship.  The fabulous cohort of interns presented their work at the event.  The Knowledge Service can now provide ongoing skills for the researcher to disseminate their findings to staff locally, and update their searches, so the findings are in the context of current practice & publications can be planned. I also found out about changes to, and what will replace the NIHR Internships in the North West next year. I put that date on my calendar & shared this in R & I so we can promote and support them at GMMH.

Few! Thank you HCLU. If you would like to view the Storify & #LTRCONF17  If you would like the email with all the links to presentations please contact me.

Rosalind McNally
Outreach Librarian
Greater Manchester Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust

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