LIHNN Library Managers Meeting – 12 September 2017

12 September 2017
LIHNN Library Managers Meeting
10.00 – 15.30
Barton Grange Hotel, 746 – 768 Garstang Road, Barton, PR3 5AA
Sponsored by SAGE Publishing


Knowledge for Healthcare, Evaluation Framework & HCLU Update – David Stewart
See also Evaluation Framework – measuring our success and Evaluation Framework

STEP project – Tracey Pratchett

SAGE Video/ SAGE Research Methods – Dominique Pelc

Emergent Technology Group – David Low

Getting Started: Ideas, information and reasons to get involved with Patient and public information – Victoria Treadway and John Gale

At the end of this session the participants were asked what they would do back in the workplace. Their responses are below.

When I’m back at work I will…

  • Discuss HIW 2018 at the next Library Team Meeting
  • Raise awareness with team. Create working doc of HIW ideas
  • Writing my strategy and incorporating KH framework – Teambrief
  • Collaboration / partnership with Dell Belluga College
  • Health information week 2018. Have carers and patient information stands at both inpatient patients libraries
  • Speak to the public health development network to see if we can do anything in partnership
  • Chase up regular slot on hospital radio
  • Talk with team and plan for H Info week. Contact McMillan centre
  • Contact St Helens Public Library Service again with new ideas for HIW. (Sessions by me for public in public library setting)
  • Contact John HWB person re: HIW and health walks. Look @ Health Walks
  • See if the information standard is being applied with Trust and see if we can get involved
  • Add it as part of a job description workscreen
  • Arrange a meeting to start planning HIW 2018
  • Apply to be a quality improvement champion in my Trust and incorporate patient info
  • Make contact with local public libraries
  • Contact our local public library service to plan activities in advance
  • Contact a Bolton public health colleague
  • Contact vanguard team manager to offer training to wellbeing support workers
  • Contact our Trust engagement lead to see how we can support
  • Link with PPI team. Promote KLS to info, MGT colleagues and service innovation via bulletin
  • I will cascade this information to the team. Contact MacMillan information and invite to our strategy session in Nov 2017
  • HIW 2018. Contact the W team, public health libraries, MacMillan and patient info group to look at joint event
  • HIW 2018. Start planning now!
  • Add it to project team meeting agenda for discussion

See also: Patient and Public Information

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