Initial Conference reflections – Rosalind McNally

Highlights of the CILIP Conference for me were:

  • Hearing Carla Hayden and Luciano Floridi speak, and equally, listening to delegates asking difficult questions in response
  • Discussing way ahead with CILIP staff,  Nick  Poole and group Chairs and committee members
  • Getting outside organisation for a day to meet people across sectors.  Spent whole tea break discussing our sectors and current pressures with Kate Lander from BAE Systems. Reminded me how important it is to be able to identify similar issues across sectors, which may appear when you are in it to be so specific to you and your environment.
  • Meeting people who work in same network but hardly ever see face-to-face
  • Overall, initial reflections are it has been motivational, made contact to plan further CPD
  • Great opportunity to attend international event in my home City & socialise as well as keep up to date. Chatted at MOSI to staff from British Library, finally plan to visit
  • Sharing what is going well, what is going badly, and what is not reported on – filling in the gaps in evidence-base. Discussing e-books with Ceri Williams from South Staffordshire and Shropshire.
  • Chance to find out more about leading suppliers and brands
  • Taking part in development of new plans and strategies, like Ethics Review. The conference gave me a structure and focus to go away and participate through the survey.
  • Access theory, ideas and tools from other disciplines – marketing, communications that you you can turn that into an action, very practical, timely input to practice.
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