Big Day Out Up North on the 10 March 2017

This event was open to all members of the Northern Healthcare networks. Held at the National Railway Museum in York it aimed to give LKS staff time away from the day job to share experiences of using social media, running training sessions, promoting services and any other part of their job which they would like to share or would welcome advice on. The programme for the day is below along with links to presentations where they are available.

Joined Up CILIP, health and the wider profession – Jo Cornish

Adding Trust procedures and policies to the Royal Marsden Manual of Clinical Procedures – Janet Oliver

PHRC Offer – Rebecca Vaananen and Grace Kelly

Ten Minutes Sessions

  • Let Them Eat Cake – LQAF Thursdays and the power of cake! – Kieran Lamb


“Overall, attending the event has given me confidence to try out new things in my workplace and to think creatively about how I can problem solve in the library. It has made me think whether I do, or will do, anything that I could share at the next BDO.”

“I will definitely be introducing some of the productivity tools that Laura Drummond spoke about. I might try and adapt LQAF Thursdays too (all that cake in a two-person library might not be a good idea!) “

“Incorporate some of the ideas suggested by Dave Ashbey with handouts/guides for e-resources. Read March’s blog for A Million Decisions, as suggested by Jo Cornish. Look at the Learning Zone on the CILIP website”

“Hearing about the CILIP workforce mapping was useful. It was also nice to hear about projects from the other North regions like the eResources guides being developed and the dementia sessions. I also met a colleague who had just started working in the same building for a different part of the NHS – this will be a uesful link in the future “

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