The benefits of LIHNN by Jo Whitcombe

As LIHNN members we have a pretty good understanding of what LIHNN brings to the region, but what about those around us who don’t necessarily work within the LKS sector but have management interests? How do we convince them that LIHNN is a valuable development and support mechanism for all LKS staff?

The LIHNN Coordinating Committee put together a short, easy to read document which outlines how LIHNN membership helps to support one’s organisation, the LKS team and the individual.

I recently moved into a new role and found myself with a line manager who was also new in role and wanted to get a better understanding of the LKS activity across and beyond our organisation. I shared the Benefits of LIHNN document with her, along with information on Knowledge for Health.

The Benefits of LIHNN document received a very positive response:

“This is great. I had never heard of LIHNN before and this sets out the offer in clear, jargon-free language. I can definitely see how being part of LIHNN can help the team and the Trust.”

Jo Whitcombe – LIHNN Chair

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