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The benefits of LIHNN by Jo Whitcombe

As LIHNN members we have a pretty good understanding of what LIHNN brings to the region, but what about those around us who don’t necessarily work within the LKS sector but have management interests? How do we convince them that … Continue reading

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Critical Appraisal Day 1 by Katie Nicholas

Critical Appraisal Day 1 – Liverpool, Holiday Inn -7 hours This was the first of three sessions on Critical Appraisal. The aims of the first day were: To understand what we mean by ‘critical appraisal’ – concepts and definitions To identify … Continue reading

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Experiences, Essays and Enthusiasm: The story so far by Helen Kiely and Lorna Dawson

After their first month of studying Lorna Dawson and Helen Kiely got together to swap experiences of their MA programmes so far… LD:  On the induction day I sat in a small cosy lecture room, with twenty something other new … Continue reading

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