Let’s just do it (part 2 of 3): social media training session, the details by Lucy Anderson

Read part 1 at https://lihnnclinicallibs.wordpress.com/2015/05/27/lets-just-do-it-part-1-of-3-planning-a-social-media-training-session-by-lucy-anderson/

So, with a fully booked session we really needed to plan content. We ambitiously thought we could give a good overview of 3 social media tools in that time (2 hours) and designed content based on 5 tools we thought would be of interest (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, NHS Networks). The plan was to discuss features of each, privacy settings and how to find information using each tool, with a couple of practical examples.

The objectives we set were as follows:

By the end of this session, you will be able to:

  • Show an awareness of Trust and Professional guidance on using social media
  • Briefly describe privacy settings and the basic features of at least 3 social media platforms
  • Demonstrate differing search techniques to find information on at least 3 social media platforms (e.g. hashtags, following, retweets)
  • Hear some hints and tips from colleagues on using social media to keep up to date
  • Identify where to access help guides for the popular social media platforms

We sent a questionnaire to the people who had booked on and asked them to prioritise the tools they wanted to look at, and also asked a few questions about their experience. From the questionnaire we found that we had a mixture of skill levels attending the course, and that people most  wanted to learn about Twitter, Facebook and NHS Networks.

The session plan looked a bit like this:

  • Introductions and sharing previous experience (if any) with social media
  • A look at Trust Policy and guidance from professional organisations
  • An agreement of tools to look at
  • Introduction to each tool with privacy, features, searching skills followed by a practical [exercise?]
  • Share some hints and tips (I had asked regular users of social media in the trust to share hints and tips with me)
  • Show the group our Social Media page on the Intranet
  • Sum up

With all this prepared I held my breath and jumped into the training session!

To be continued…

Lucy Anderson BA (Hons) MCLIP
Knowledge Specialist: Outreach and Liaison
Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust

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