Let’s just do it (part 1 of 3): planning a Social Media training session by Lucy Anderson

The Knowledge Service Team at Pennine Care has been thinking (all librarians think a lot)* about delivering social media training for a while now. The majority of the team are regular users of social media (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram) not just for personal use, but for professional use too. People who share our office and are part of our wider team often ask us for advice and our director has mentioned in passing that we should offer training. Adding to this, when we surveyed staff a high proportion of the respondents said they would like to receive training on using social media.

So we thought about it more. (All librarians think a lot).* Then our trust appointed a new chief exec and he started to use Twitter as a formal means of communications (it is really him, not our Communications team) and other directors did the same. The Communications department also started to use Facebook and Twitter and a Social Media Policy was published.

So we thought some more. (All librarians think a lot)* What would the content be? Would we be ‘allowed’? Would Communications be supportive? We made a bold decision to timetable a session in, and drafted some objectives.

The session would last 2 hours

It would focus on finding information

We would call it ‘Using Social Media to Keep up to Date’

We booked an IT room for 10 people

We drafted a description for the course – “Social media use is ever increasing, with many NHS Trusts and Healthcare bodies using services such as Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn to share their latest news. This course offers practical tips and tricks to use social media in a professional capacity to keep up to date with the latest news in your field.”

The details were put on the Intranet booking system.

….A few months later

The course was fully booked. No promotion of it. It was fully booked.

Time for the details!

*I have been reading “Owl babies” to my 3 year old – see YouTube  or Amazon

Lucy Anderson BA (Hons) MCLIP
Knowledge Specialist: Outreach and Liaison
Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust

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