Top Tips for Setting up Resources for New SLAs by Rosalind McNally

The Health Information & Resources Library at Manchester Mental Health and Social Care Trust has recently established a Service Level Agreement with Blackburn with Darwen Public Health Department.

I have found myself in a role where part of it is setting up e-resources which is an area I lack theory and practice.

Here are some thinks which helped me if you are in a similar situation, as more and more of us are in roles which include parts of Library roles that might previously been more distinct.

Support, guidance and training from the network of NHS Library and Knowledge Service (LKS) managers in the region are essential. Our regional Athens (Anne Roberts) and OCLC Linkresolver (Steve Glover) leads provided guidance and training. A Linkresolver account has to be set up to generate an A-Z of resources.

It can be unclear and indistinct who does what and what the right questions to ask are between local NHS LKS, NICE, HCLU and publishers. Information can also date very quickly, particularly contacts and where this is kept between parties.

If a new permission set and/or Athens OR ID has to be set up for the service, (this is not needed if access is only to National Core Content (NCC), but if any additional resources are negotiated by Library Managers a separate permission set will be needed). Each of the relevant publishers needs to be contacted for both NCC and any North West resources to ask the publisher to add the changed or new Athens ORG ID to their set of identifiers to be provided with access.

This is very time consuming and difficult as general “support@” forms and emails have to be used for most, which, as the format implies, are very general and often go to help desk staff not familiar with the context

The process relies on staff knowing who the appropriate person might be in often large, global organisations.

  • National Core Content – contacts
  • Proquest
  • Elsevier (for Lancet though not part of NCC Contract)
  • BMJ Publishing Group
  • OVID
  • North West Resources – contacts
  • Micromedex (for Martindales) – Adrian Garrould
  • Oxford Textbook of Medicine – –

Over the summer we will be providing training to BWD staff on literature searching. The changes to HDAS also mean working with resources not fully implemented, multiple interfaces and teething problems. On the plus side it is good for motivation and learning to get services to work in new contexts and challenging times.

Any questions or suggestions, please contact me.

Rosalind McNally
Outreach Librarian
22nd April, 2015

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