Personal experiences and highlights from NHS R&D North West Let’s Talk About Research Conference , 24th & 25th September, 2014, Bolton. #LTRCONF14 by Rosalind McNally

NHS R&D North West Let’s Talk About Research Conference

This year, inspired by colleagues in the CL group, and with one eye on service redesign, I wanted to attend a non-Library conference. I requested funding to attend this event, and build on a development opportunity I had already done by supporting a Catalyst Event

I organised some promotional flyers for NHS LKS and took them along to leave on tables and introduced myself to key speakers, met presenters and delegates and promoted our work. Speakers and workshops I attended with some of the things I learned were:

Simon Denegri, NIHR National Director Public Participation & Engagement in Research – note the Health Research Authority have now launched Strategy for Public Involvement . I did a search to support the consultation on this in our Trust, so that was good to see.

Margaret Whitehead, University of Liverpool, spoke about Due North: the report of the inquiry on health equity for the north. She spoke about how important it was to document and use evidence of the impact of central government policies and the impact on poverty. An example of the type of longitudinal policy evaluation study type relevant here was provided.

I attended a workshop run by Lynne Goodacre from NHS R & D Northwest on devising a communications plan for challenging negative perceptions of research, including having an “elevator pitch”. Evidence needed to support a campaign would be that from which compelling arguments can be made and key figures which could be used to develop strap lines and supporting information. It was great fun in itself to work on developing more exciting messages and literature searching can assist with making campaigns not just “good news stories”, but evidence-based and realistic.

Putting that “elevator pitch” to use, I met leaders from both CLAHRCs (Collaborations for Leadership in Applied Health Research and Care), Greater Manchester and North West Coast. Look out for events and opportunities to build external relationships with these organisations who will be likely working closely with partners in the organisations we work. These focus on how innovations become sustainable so the emphasis is on knowledge management and embedding changes sustainably in communities and the work-place.

I attended a workshop on Evidence-Synthesis delivered by Rumona Dickson from the Liverpool Reviews and Implementation Group (LRIG). We worked on difficulties for practitioners in accessing the evidence-base at work to address practice problems. LRIG is responding to this with a programme of workshops and events. I fed in how NHSLKS provide operational support for teams to search and facilitate the identification of focussed questions and to mobilise the evidence-base.

Ged Byrne from Health Education England North West gave a summary of the national strategy for research and innovation they are developing. This will involve the creation of “Evidence Hubs”, and EDQUINS (similar to CQUINS) where providers will be commissioned on the basis of delivering metrics for education and training outcomes.

I also got out of my comfort zone at a social media in research workshop led by Kev Wyke from Leap Further . I have been gathering information to Tweet about research on our Library feed, but this session has some exercises to follow up – just need to get on with them now!

This was a great event to get out and meet partners, support colleagues who were presenting and keep up to date.

Rosalind McNally
Outreach Librarian
Manchester Mental Health & Social Care Trust
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