Public and patient involvement in research. Practice Sharing and Innovation event by Rosalind McNally

What was the event? Public and patient involvement in research. Practice Sharing and Innovation event. 19th November, 2013, organised by Salford R & D and Northwest People in Research Forum


What was the purpose of the event?

  • Share good practice
  • Update people on the national agenda
  • Update people on regional, north-west perspective


Who were speakers & key points?

Simon Denegri (Chair, INVOLVE)

Time frame 5-10 years ahead, looking at:

Access to research agenda for NHS

New PPI strategy in new year from INVOLVE for access to research through the NHS to reflect Health & Social Care Act changes in NHS. 5 main pillars 1. “Better information “ 2. Digital and Social Media use.  Technology to “scale up” participation, so it is not just through face-to-face and footfall in the hospital. 3. Patient Leadership 4. Public involvement through co-production 5. Patient involvement through more “inclusive conversations”

OK to ask? Campaign will continue for next 2 years

Issues to address: Currently NIHR does PPI but companies don’t

Local Agenda

Implement National Agenda locally through Academic Health Science Networks and Collaborations for Leadership in Applied Health Research & Care for Greater Manchester.  How to “do P.P.I. locally with “efficiencies”.

Future of NIHR PPI  

“Learning Opportunities”, not  training, delivered in NHS organisations, using  models of citizen advocacy.

A review will be carried out “re-purposing” research & delivery arms which are too separate, bringing them together with Trust membership and health.


Bella Starling (Director of Public Programmes, NOWGEN)

Update covered work of North West PPI  Events Working Group

The website has information about events and web-based resources

The INVOLVE recommendations on rates of remuneration for Payment for Involvement are used.

Mandy Werne (Director, Inspiration NW )

Presentation on “crowd sourcing” PPI for R & D using SMS and patient stories

Example of current project to develop primary care dental quality indicators

The emphasis is on getting things going quickly, asking people to debate and “empowering” through different ways to engage people in research. Systems integrate with Administration and produce focussed data for quality improvement and risk using computers to generate themes from data. Solutions are cost-effective, based on the role of  people’s feelings and emotions about how they are treated being as important as what happens to them.

People’s responses will reflect  one of 3 preferences 1. For Action 2.  For Logic   3. For Emotion captured using efficient techniques and approaches

What happens next? 

Event follow up- to be on circulation list or interested in future events

I am on the circulation list of attendees for copies of presentations and follow-up information so if you would like me to forward them onto you when I receive them, please let me know

Notes taken and prepared from the day by:

Rosalind McNally
Trust Library Services & Research and Innovation
27th November, 2013


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