Resources and tools for Critical Appraisal by Michelle Maden

People often ask me where they can find useful tools and resources for critical appraisal. The majority of the resources are on the CATNiP wiki but below is a selection of the ones I have found I cannot do without!



If you are going to but only one book on critical appraisal, either for yourself or your library collection, then buy this one:


  • Gosall N. and  Gosall G. (2012). The Doctor’s guide to critical appraisal. (3rd edn.). Knutsford: PasTest.


I cannot recommend it highly enough. The book covers an introduction to research designs, bias and statistics in an ‘easy-to-understand’ manner. There are lots of examples which self-test questions thrown in to assess your understanding.


If you’re looking for one on statistics then try:

  • Walker J. and Almond P. (2010). Interpreting statistical findings. A guide for health professionals and students. Maidenhead: Open University Press.


Lots of examples covering basic to more complicated statistics in health research.


For guided critical appraisal examples of published research papers take a look at:

  • Bowers D., House A., and Owens D. (2006). Understanding Clinical Papers. Chichester: Wiley.


For a lighter read, but informative for critical appraisal nonetheless, try Ben Goldacre’s books:

  • Goldacre B. (2012). Bad Pharma. How drug companies mislead doctors and harm patients. London: Forth Estate.
  • Goldacre B. (2009). Bad Science. London: Harper Perennial.


Critical appraisal tools/checklists

The following is not an exhaustive list, by any means, but a good starting point in signposting to questions to ask when assessing the quality of research papers.


 Michelle Maden
Aintree Library & Information Resource Centre


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