More Top Tips for a Clinical Librarian Service by Michael A. Reid

For those new in post, shadow an established Clinical Librarian at another Trust for a day

Visit 2 or 3 Clinical Librarians in the area for ideas and how to get your service moving.

Get your Manager to take you to some of their meetings, e.g. Clinical Improvement, Research or Clinical Risk, Committees so you can be introduced.

Create an advert for your services that can be displayed on appropriate boards and emailed out to staff and students

Put yourself in the Trust Newsletter as the new Clinical Librarian and what services are available and how you can be contacted.

Get a list of all the Clinical Tutors, Research staff and Audit staff to contact with a brief paper on your services and what you can do for them

Create a strong working relationship with Medical Education and the Placement Facilitators, they can open areas for work and act as an avenue to relay your services to students and placements.

Read any papers on Clinical Librarianship in the last 5 years, it will give you a flavour of the work.

Get a list of the people who are involved with training of health professional staff, both in the Trust and Community. What Information literacy and courses do they want?

Use feedback as a promotional and marketing tool to people who have not used your service.

Michael A. Reid
Clinical/Management Librarian and Co-Chair NW LIHNN Clinical Librarians Gp
Library, Education Centre
Blackpool Victoria Hospital
Whinney Heys Road
Blackpool, FY3 8NR
Tel: 01253 303338

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